Schwarzwald Super! is the Black Forest’s hardest road cycling marathon.

It offers three spectacular routes between 100 km and 260 km with an altitude difference from 3000 m to 6700 m. Nature and culture of the black forest are unique. We care about our roots. The whole event is distinctively regional. Supply Stations will be in old farmhouses or on mountain summits.

Start from 5:30 Uhr
260 km
6700 hm
11 Mountains
6 Supply-Stations
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Start from 7:00 Uhr
175 km
4800 hm
9 Mountains
4 Supply-Stations
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Start from 8:00 Uhr
100 km
3000 hm
6 Mountains
2 Supply-Stations
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Routes descriptions:
The route is packed with highlights. Feldberg, Belchen, Schauinsland, Hochblauen, Kandel, Wildgutach-Canyon or Münster-Valley: Great Peaks and wild, romantic valleys. Special feature: Reaching a mountain-top, you’ll always be able to view over what you have ridden yet and what’s still ahead of you.

Supply Stations:
Six supply stations will keep you going. You‘ll find them mostly on top or after each mountain you climb. They are situated in old farmhouses, mills or shelters on the mountain tops and will provide rich typical food of the black forest cuisine.